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Online scammers appear to be hijacking Australian Company Numbers (ACN's), and setting up fraudulent bank accounts to scam Australian consumers. Banks may be enabling this activity through the establishment of false bank accounts and lack of action when notified of suspicious activity.

Both Bendigo Bank and ANZ Bank and have been advised of criminal activity related to a fraudulent bank account posing as a real Australian business. They have failed to act promptly on these reports of suspected fraudulent business bank accounts, criminal scams and online fraud. A lack of action facilitates the continuation of fraudulent activities.

How do Fraudulent Scam Businesses hijack and impersonate valid Australian businesses to manipulate and defraud?

The scammers identify low profile Australian Companies with limited public exposure to hijack, they secure domain names that are similar to the company name and build professional websites with the scammers contact details. Scammer invoices use the Australian Company Number (ACN) of the hijacked business so the business appears reputable and can be found in an ASIC ACN search.

Fraudulent invoices include BSB and Account Numbers impersonating the hijacked business and have similar Account Names to the hijacked business. The establishment of these fraudulent bank accounts seems to be facilitated by poor bank practices and compounded by the lack of bank response / action to suspicious activity allowing these activities to continue.

Fraudulent/Scam Business and Impersonated Hijacked Business Details

Fraudulent Scam Business
Sunshine Plant and Machinery
Domain Registered 18 October 2022 Web Site establishment November 2022. This domain was shut down 12 Dec by complaint to domain registrar.
Impersonating Hijacked Business
ABN:17 152 816 003 ABN Active 23 Aug 2011
ACN:152 816 003 ASIC Registered 23/08/2011 to 23/08/2023

Additional Information

SUNSHINE PLANT & MACHINERY PTY LTD ABN:17 152 816 003 / ACN:152 816 003 is a valid business ASIC Registered in 2011.

Sunshine Plant and Machinery is a fraudulent business using the domain to scam consumers.

A fraudulent bank account was established with Bendigo Bank to impersonate SUNSHINE PLANT & MACHINERY PTY LTD.

This account appears to have been established by Bendigo Bank and transfers to the fraudulent Bendigo Bank account have been made by financial institutions including ANZ Bank without considering:

These actions appear to be enabled by financial institutions:

ACN and ABN Reports

ABN17152816003.pdf ACN152816003.pdf ABNSunshinePM.pdf ASICSunshinePM.pdf

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